Developed a team of product experts, organized all assets to support an annual campaign schedule and:

Dominated the Market

A Perfectly Crafted Team

Developed a team of experts to understand their products, customers and position in competing markets.

Yearly Project Line-up

Built an annual production schedule to efficiently initiate and complete all projects.

Support Team Dynamics

Established a turn-key relationship with their marketing team to execute and manage all marketing assets.

Cover All Platforms

Research, design and execute on all potential mediums to be a proactive multi-platform marketer.

Gather assets, streamline operations.

Our client's primary frustration was trying to align with multiple agencies. Once they had decided to use clearmotive exclusively, we identified, gathered and organized all of the marketing assets for efficient delivery of product launches and sales campaigns. With the right online tools we could collaborate with multiple levels and departments to streamline planning, creative and delivery in real-time, keeping budgets and timelines in check.

Align to the business goals.

As one team capable to deliver on their entire marketing operation, we integrated in to help align their internal sales, marketing, and event teams: We set the brand strategy, planned the campaign schedules, produced the creative, delivered the assets through to the dealership groups and then reported on ROI. With a holistic approach, we were able to quickly identify where the broken links in the chain were, so that we could systematically solve marketing challenges.

The Rise to #1

While the primary goal was to streamline the operational efficiency of their marketing, we learned that efficiency led to more effective marketing. Three years into the relationship, our client moved from #5 in market share to #1. We're pleased with the results, and as sophisticated business leaders know, it's impossible to identify any one thing as the reason for market domination. This is precisely why our mandate is to look at the holistic marketing operation to help our clients make meaningful change.

agencies and inefficient

Grew Canadian
sales from #5 to
#1 in three years.

Reduced to one agency
partner focused on
operational excellence.

Integrated teams,
process and technology
aligning to business

Improved collaboration
with real-time

We're not mentioning any names.

You'll notice our case studies have no client name. We've done this for two reasons: first off, we respect our client's privacy. Second, we believe that business solutions stand on their own, regardless of brand or industry. We're passionate about identifying the true “unarticulated problem” and hold ourselves to the standard of why marketing exists: To help you grow your business. And, if you really need to know the clients and industries we've served, click here.

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